Datacenter, technical structure and accreditations

Shellrent relies on the best partners worldwide and nationally. The main datacenters we use are located in Europe and are designed to ensure maximum security and reliability of our services.

Shellrent and safety

We distinguish between the security of the data hosted by the customer and the security of the infrastructures hosting the data. In this context, we take the necessary measures to preserve the confidentiality of users’ personal data.


Shellrent and the GDPR

We are GDPR compliant with the regulation and related guidelines. Each user knows their privacy policy to understand with maximum transparency how their personal information is managed in the use of the service.


Shared responsibility model

We adopt the model of shared responsibility “ Cloud security ”Protecting the infrastructure on which the services offered in the cloud are hosted. We are responsible for the security of the infrastructure and customers are responsible for the security of their data and applications that are hosted.
The customer assumes full responsibility and the management of his own applications as regards the “Hosting” services, while, he assumes the responsibility and management of the operating system (including updates and security patches) and of his own applications used. and installed in the case of Cloud or Dedicated services.

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The figures responsible for data processing defined in the GDPR

Owner of the processing of personal data

The Data Controller, also referred to as Data Controller, is the person who can decide how the personal data of its users are processed, taking on responsibility for the fulfillment of the obligations that national and international legislation provides. Generally all Shellrent customers who have purchased a Hosting, Cloud Server, Private Cloud or Dedicated Server service fall into this category.

Responsible for the processing of personal data

The person in charge of the processing of personal data, also defined as Data Processor, is the person who only processes the data on behalf of the Data Controller and who therefore must provide certain guarantees to be able to correctly manage the provisions in place. When purchasing a Hosting, Cloud Server, Private Cloud or Dedicated Server service, the customer uses Shellrent as Data Processor as a service provider as defined in the shared responsibility model.

Certified datacenter quality

The datacenters we use have the ISO27001: 2013 certification