Technical assistance : how does it work?

Open a assistance ticket or contact us by phone to receive maximum support.
To contact Technical Support call the number +39 0444 321155 and select key “1”.

Telephone technical assistance hours

To contact Technical Support call the number +39 0444 321155 and select key “1”.
Assistenza Tecnica Tabella Competenze

Levels of assistance

Our Technical Support covers different levels of assistance based on the service chosen: the goal is to provide you with maximum support to meet your needs.
See the table below for more details.

What our assistance includes

The table summarizes the various interventions that our team of technicians carries out. Each type of intervention is marked with a different color that indicates its category.
(Linux / Windows / Plesk)
(Cloud / VPS / Dedicated)
Control panel assistance Support in using the control panel for the administration of services
Paid operation
you have to request the quote
Control Panel Assistance Manager Support in using the Manager control panel for service administration
Technical support via ticket Opening tickets via the Manager 365/7 control panel
Telephone technical support Telephone assistance provided during company opening hours
Electricity control Check the continuity of electricity supply in the Datacenter
Ordinary and extraordinary maintenance Datacenter Guarantee of optimal conditions for the operation of the Datacenter (controlled air conditioning system, supervised access to the Datacenter, etc.)
Server reachability check (connectivity) Monitoring of the ping response of the server and consequent restart in case of block
Hardware health check Check the status of the server’s disks
Aggiornamento Plesk Aggiornamento del pannello di controllo Odin Plesk sistema operativo a seguito della richiesta del cliente tramite ticket
Paid operation
you have to request the quote
Mantenimento O.S Aggiornamento del sistema operativo
Operazione a pagamento
Richiedi preventivo
Accesso Root Consegna delle credenziali di accesso al server
Riconfigurazione Server Reinstallazione del software necessario
Operazione a pagamento
Richiedi preventivo
Reinstallazione Server Formattazione del software necessario
Operazione a pagamento
Richiedi preventivo
Controllo e Analisi Log Verifica dei log degli applicativi, su richiesta del cliente , per estrapolare dati specifici € 40,00 + IVA l’ora € 40,00 + IVA l’ora
Cambio Indirizzo IP Sostituzione dell’indirizzo IP associato al Servizio € 59,00 + IVA € 59,00 + IVA
Service status monitoring Demons response monitoring
Delist IP address Removal of the IP from the blacklists following the customer’s report
€ 19.00 + VAT
SSL installation Installation of the SSL Certificate purchased on Shellrent
Third-party vendor SSL installation Installation of the SSL Certificate provided by the customer € 49.00 + VAT € 49.00 + VAT
CSR Generation + SSL Installation CSR generation on server and installation SSL certificate provided by the customer € 49.00 + VAT € 49.00 + VAT
Let’s Encrypt Certificate Installation Let’s Encrypt certificate installation and configuration using Certbot
€ 40.00 + VAT
Cloudflare sign up and setup Cloudflare subscription (free plan) + installation and configuration on the customer’s domain € 15.00 + VAT € 15.00 + VAT
Customer application assistance Intervention of the technical operator in case of problems detected on the application side € 50.00 + VAT per hour € 50.00 + VAT per hour
CMS installation (autoinstall) Installation of a CMS application managed by the self-installation utility
€ 19.00 + VAT
CMS installation Installation of a custom CMS or a specific version € 19.00 + VAT € 19.00 + VAT
Application Password Recovery Password recovery of the customer’s application € 29.00 + VAT € 29.00 + VAT
Backup Restore Following the customer’s request via ticket, the complete restoration of the backup is carried out (if provided). The backup is restored but not supplied directly to the customer.
Partial Restore Backup Extraction and restoration of some files from the backup (if provided) following the customer’s request via ticket € 29.00 + VAT € 49.00 + VAT
Malware removal application Antivirus scan, removal of infected files from the website with possible update of the cms € 40.00 + VAT per hour € 40.00 + VAT per hour
Script and Automation Processing and insertion of specific scripts commissioned by the customer
Operazione a pagamento
Richiedi preventivo
Mailbox configuration on client Remote configuration of the mailbox on the customer’s mail client (Windows / Mac / Linux) € 29.00 + VAT € 29.00 + VAT
  • Applicazioni
  • Servizi / Demoni
  • Guest O.S.
  • Server O.S.
  • Server Hardware
  • Network / Connettività
  • Infrastruttura Datacenter
Assistenza Plus Risposta immediata alle tue esigenze

Plus Assistance: Immediate response to your needs

It allows you to be followed by our experts in a privileged way, thanks to this package you will have at your disposal a technician who will support you in the use of our Services.
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