PEC Security Pro Backup: the secure backup of your certified mailbox

Thanks to the Backup PEC Security Pro service you can have periodic backup copies of your PEC mailbox in MBOX format.
You will always have included the last two available monthly, half-yearly and yearly backups

Backup Casella PEC

8 ,99
+ VAT /year

Backup copies always available

Download backups or import them into your favorite email client


Last 2 monthly backups available

Half yearly

Last 2 half-yearly backups available


Last 2 annual backups available

Features Backup PEC Security Pro

Full and periodic backup

Trust our automatisms that will automatically back up your PEC mailbox. In your customer area you will always find the last two monthly, half-yearly and annual backups available.

Download del backup

Download locally the backup of the PEC mailbox in MBOX format with a simple click from your customer area to have a safety copy of the communications to be kept on your PC.

Backup import

Import PECs to your favorite email client such as Outlook, Thunderbird or Apple Mail. Browse through all emails and attachments and keep track of even older communications.

Unlimited storage space

No space limits to store your mail on a secure and protected infrastructure according to the highest security standards to offer maximum protection for your communications with legal value.

Maximum protection for your sensitive data

Rely on our periodic and automatic backup to protect your legal communications from external attacks, ransomware, data breaches or human errors that can put your emails and sensitive data inside at risk.
Thanks to Backup PEC Security Pro you can always have a copy of your emails available for consultation and proceed with a simple click to import into the email program.
Maximum security, integrity and privacy for your data.


Benefits Backup PEC Security Pro

Security copy

Have an additional copy of your PEC communications for coverage in the event of external attacks, viruses and ransomware or human error

Quick consultation

Read PECs quickly directly from your favorite email client, thanks to the import in MBOX format. Use a directory to centrally archive all your emails and consult them safely and quickly

Download in locale

Download certified mail locally on your PC to have a secure access point to your emails even without an Internet connection in order to maximize portability

Data loss protection

Emails can be deleted by mistake or intentionally, damaged by system failures, subjected to ransomware attacks. A periodic and automatic backup system allows you to easily recover data and ensure business continuity

Manage access privileges

Choose which communications can be consulted by collaborators, colleagues or partners while keeping access to your PEC mailbox private, guaranteeing maximum privacy for sensitive data and access credentials

More space on the PEC

Take advantage of the backup to create a local archive of your communications and free up the space of your PEC mailbox to optimize reception. You can always increase the space of your PEC mailbox by purchasing extra space on our shop

Secure PEC backup for private and professional use

PEC for private use

Thanks to the backup of the certified mail, you will be able to consult the applications for participation in the competitions and your digital registered mail at any time.

PEC for professional use

The perfect solution for companies, professionals and public administrations who will be able to securely store communications with legal value by exploiting double retention.

Do you also need a certified e-mail address?

Certify your e-mail box and give legal validity to messages, starting from € 8.00 + VAT / year