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cPanel is a hosting automation panel to manage domains, websites, cloud and dedicated servers in a reliable and intuitive way from a single interface thanks to a set of advanced features.
Available on OS GNU / Linux and Windows Server, cPanel is designed for Dev-Ops, web agency and hosting provider.
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CPanel licenses for large companies

If you need more than 100 users oriented on the following cPanel licenses which provide a more structured number of users.
Users cPanel Premier Cloud License cPanel Premier Metal License
up to 150 users €55,99Purchase €55,99Purchase
up to 200 users €68,55Purchase €68,55Purchase
up to 250 users €81,00Purchase €81,00Purchase
up to 300 users €94,00Purchase €94,00Purchase
up to 350 users €107,00Purchase €107,00Purchase
up to 400 users €120,00Purchase €120,00Purchase
up to 450 users €132,00Purchase €132,00Purchase
up to 500 users €145,00Purchase €145,00Purchase