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Daily Mail Backup: protect your personal emails

By activating the Daily Mail Backup service on your Web Hosting you can have a daily copy of your email boxes. In this way, in case you have mistakenly deleted a received mail or a folder, you can easily recover its contents, saved during the previous night.

Daily Mail Backup

9 ,99
+ VAT /year


The backup is made every night and kept for 24 hours , so you can restore it throughout the next working day.


The copy of your emails will be carried out in our backup infrastructure , in order to always guarantee their availability and the certainty of being in a safe space.

Immediate recovery

Restoring the backup is easy, since you will start it, from the Manager Panel, directly from the section dedicated to Web Hosting backups .

Restore your mailboxes whenever you want

Combine Daily Mail Backup with any Web hosting plan to have a constantly updated and complete backup: you will have an extra copy of all your mailboxes that you can restore individually at any time.

Data Retention

The " retention " parameter indicates the backup retention time. With Mail Daily Backup, the data will be available for restoration within 24 hours after creation.

Customized restoration

Do you want a targeted restore? We can recover the single message, just request it via ticket .

Do you still have any doubts?

For any doubts about the nature of the service or the technical aspects, do not hesitate to contact us!

Do you want to secure your data?

Immediately activate Daily Mail Backup on your Web Hosting, by going to the management page of the latter, on your Manager Panel, and accessing the relevant section for purchasing additional services.