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Cloud Server Daily Backup

If you have a Cloud Server that hosts an e-commerce or an online magazine, protect your work in the best possible way. Focus on safety by adding the Daily Backup, in addition to the weekly one already included, to face possible unexpected events with serenity.

Daily Cloud Server Backup

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Automatic Backup

Once purchased, the backup is made every day at 01: 00 am and is kept for a duration of 24 hours so that it can be restored the following day.

Complete compatibility

The Daily Backup works everywhere regardless of which operating system is used on your Cloud Server.

Retrieve the data from the previous day

All Cloud Servers include a Weekly Backup system to save the entire content and Server settings in storage other than the production one.
With the Daily Backup, the backup takes place daily to have the data of the day before and the previous week.
Restoring the backup generally takes a short time and depends on the amount of disk space allocated.

Data Retention

The "retention" parameter indicates the backup retention time, during which you can request its restoration. By activating the Daily Backup you can get up to one week of data availability, plus the 24 hours prior to the day of request.

Do you still have any doubts?

To request a restoration of the image of your server, you can contact our Technical Support directly or obtain more information by consulting the features of our assistance.


How does it work?

The backup copy, once created, is moved elsewhere for added security and kept for 24 hours, to be overwritten the following day.
By adding this service to your Cloud Server, at the time of purchase or later, our cart will automatically calculate the total cost based on the hard drive used by your instance.