Server Licenses

Microsoft licenses available for your Server

When purchasing your Cloud Server or Dedicated Server, you will be asked which operating system you want to use. By selecting Microsoft Windows you can choose the license that suits your needs. Can’t find the license you need or do you need a custom quote?
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License Price / Month
Microsoft Windows Server STD (Standard) 2008 € 22.00 + VAT
Microsoft Windows Server STD (Standard) 2012 € 22.00 + VAT
Microsoft Windows Server STD (Standard) up to 8 cores 2016 € 24.00 + VAT
Microsoft Windows Server STD (Standard) up to 8 cores 2019 € 24.00 + VAT
Microsoft Windows Remote Desktop SAL (1 user) € 8.90 + VAT
Microsoft SQL Server Web Edition € 15.90 + VAT
Microsoft SQL Server Standard € 26.90 + VAT
Microsoft Office Standard Edition (1 user) € 18.00 + VAT

SPLA subscription

Since 2016 Shellrent has signed the SPLA, Services Provider License Agreement, which allows the distribution of software for commercial use of Microsoft products.
This makes us official resellers of Microsoft licenses, guaranteeing immediate activation without the presence of intermediaries.