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Plesk is a powerful one control panel available on OS GNU / Linux or Windows Server used by web developers, dev-ops and hosting providers. Manage your Cloud Servers or Dedicated Servers in a simple and intuitive way thanks to the numerous tools with advanced features.
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Activate now the Plesk edition that best suits your needs.

Manage your customers and your domains regardless of the configuration of your infrastructure .
Install Plesk on your Server and integrate it with additional extensions.

Plesk editions

Find out the details and features of Plesk editions, choose the plan that suits you best and activate it now on your servers.
Caratteristiche Web ADMIN Web PRO Web HOST
Domini disponibili
Numero di domini gestibili 10 30 Illimitati
Gestione dei fornitori di servizi
Gestione Reseller
Gestione Sottoscrizioni
Gestione Account
Interfaccia Utente
Interfaccia Power User (server + site admin)
Visualizzazione dei servizi fornitori
Toolkit per Wordpress Versione Limitata
Plesk Premium Email by Kolab Estensione Aggiuntiva Estensione Aggiuntiva Estensione Aggiuntiva
Developer Toolkit (PgSQL, MSSQL, Tomcat, ColdFusion) Estensione Aggiuntiva Estensione Aggiuntiva Estensione Aggiuntiva
Gestione Plesk Mobile
Security Core con regole ModSecurity e Atomicorp
Let's Encrypt
Plesk Email Security Estensione Aggiuntiva Estensione Aggiuntiva Estensione Aggiuntiva
Antivirus per Email Estensione Aggiuntiva: Kaspersky Antivirus Estensione Aggiuntiva: Kaspersky Antivirus Estensione Aggiuntiva: Kaspersky Antivirus
Incluso, Opzionale, Non incluso Acquista Web ADMIN Acquista Web PRO Acquista Web HOST

Activate now the Plesk edition that best suits your needs.

Administer your Hosting in a simple, complete and secure way from a single platform!
Plesk is the most complete hosting panel , safe and versatile that there is.
Plesk Onyx 17.8

Extensions available on Plesk

Activate additional extensions at any time!

Email Security Pro

Automatic configuration of the spam filter, daily antivirus updates, email traffic statistics and much more.
8.99 + VAT per month
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Docker Manager

Manage Docker containers through a simple and intuitive interface to meet the needs of your customers.
5.00 + VAT per month

Backup to Cloud

Easily schedule your automatic backups to the most popular Cloud archives, for your Plesk customers and resellers.
4.00 + VAT per month

Developer Pack

Plesk Developer Pack includes a combination of: Apache Tomcat, PostgreSQL engine and MSSQL.
7.00 + VAT per month

Kaspersky Antivirus

It allows you to filter certain types of files in attachments, eliminating any threat to servers.
22.99 + VAT per month
Cloud: 8.00 + VAT per month

Plesk Premium Email, by Kolab

10 Users: 20.00 + VAT per month
50 Users: 99.00 + VAT per month


ImunifyAV is a website security monitoring tool that includes: automatic malware removal, domain reputation monitoring and blacklist status check.
4.90 + VAT per month

Certifications Official Plesk Partner

Since 2018 Shellrent has become an official Plesk Partner (Plesk Partner Program Agreement).
This agreement allows us to be official and authorized resellers of Plesk licenses guaranteeing the customer an immediate activation avoiding the presence of intermediaries.
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