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Real Time Antivirus Protection

Choose Real Time Antivirus Protection for automatic and complete monitoring of your files to ensure maximum security for your website. In case of changes or new files, a virus scan will be launched to check for malware in real time. Check out the final reports to identify malicious files to delete.

Real Time Antivirus Protection

9 ,99
+ VAT /year

Efficient and comprehensive protection

Real Time Antivirus Protection can be activated on all Linux Web Hosting to ensure the best possible security. Our antivirus, updated daily with the latest definitions available, will automatically scan your web space, detecting any infected files that can be consulted on a final report, so that you can proceed with their removal.

Real time

Real Time Antivirus Protection will actively and continuously scan your website for new files added to your space. In case of infected files, the service will detect them instantly and send you an email notification to take action.

Instant notifications

If the real-time scan detects the presence of infected files, you will immediately receive an e-mail notification to provide for their elimination.
Access the Manager Panel to view the complete report with the name of the malicious files and the path to easily locate them.

Technical support

We are at your disposal to help you remove infected files. You will be able to interface directly with our specialized webmasters who will support you in the correct remediation of the website, suggesting you how to remedy the vulnerabilities of the application, to prevent the problem from recurring.

Monitor the security of your application at any time

Do not underestimate the vulnerabilities present in each CMS and periodically update your application. Real Time Antivirus Protection serves to guarantee you the best possible security in line with our work framework. That's why we call ourselves the first Italian Security First hosting.