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Whois privacy: protect the sensitive data of your domain name

The Whois privacy service allows you to hide the public information that is displayed in the Whois registry, in case of registration or transfer of a domain.

Whois Privacy

12 ,99
+ VAT /year

Protect your personal data

Thanks to this service, no one will be able to see your personal data from public Whois databases and you will be protected from any unwanted contacts for spam, domain transfers, scam pages and much more.
Applicable to any Hosting or Simple Domain plan, the Whois privacy service cannot be activated on domain names with the .IT or .EU extension due to the regulation applied by the respective registers.

By activating Whois Privacy you can

Hide personal information

Hide your domain header and personal information, both for registration and for transfer

Protect email addresses

Protect the email addresses of technical and administrative contacts published on the Whois database