Hosting and cloud affiliate program

Earn money by promoting Shellrent services!

Generate the affiliate link and share it with your users: for each purchase completed thanks to your link, you will be immediately recognized a commission.
Are you already our customer? Click on Sign up for the program Are you new? Click on Subscribe to the program to register in the reserved area. From the profile icon at the top right, select Become an Affiliate

How to become a Shellrent affiliate and start earning

To become an affiliate just follow 3 simple steps:


Insert our banners and links on your website, blog or newsletter choosing from the various alternatives proposed.


Visitors, by clicking on your affiliate link, make the purchase on our site.


You earn high commissions for every sale you make, based on the table below.

Affiliate hosting and cloud commissions

Join our affiliate program and start earning immediately with high commissions.

One-time commission
Commissions for subsequent renewals
Hosting Linux Basic
5,00 €
2,50 €
Hosting Linux Standard
20,00 €
6,00 €
Hosting Linux Business
40,00 €
15,00 €
Hosting Linux Enterprise
100,00 €
40,00 €
Hosting Mail
2,00 €
0,00 €
Daily Hosting Backup
10,00 €
4,00 €
Monthly Hosting Backup
7,00 €
2,00 €
Daily Mail Backup
2,00 €
0,00 €
Backup First Save
7,00 €'
2,00 €
Mail Protection
12,00 €
5,00 €
Additional mail space
6,00 €
1,00 €
Real Time Antivirus Protection
7,00 €
2,00 €
15,00 €
5,00 €
20,00 €
5,00 €
Positive SSL Wildcard
30,00 €
5,00 €
Premium SSL Wildcard
40,00 €
5,00 €
Sectigo EV SSL
25,00 €
5,00 €
Positive SSL + Multidomain
15,00 €
5,00 €
Sectigo SSL + Multidomain UCC
20,00 €
5,00 €

Membership levels

Affiliate Levels
Level 1
Level 2
Level 3
Up to 29 services sold
From 30 to 99 services sold
From 100 services sold
Activation commissions
Renewal commissions
Up to 2 renewals
All renewals

How does the hosting and cloud affiliate program work?

The affiliate program is perfect for making money easy, free and risk-free. When you place a Shellrent banner or link on your site, blog, or newsletter, visitors who click on the ad are redirected to our site.
If a user, clicking on your affiliate link, concludes the purchase, you will automatically earn the set commission. Recommend our services and increase your earnings!

How can I best promote my affiliate link?

Among the various activities to promote your hosting and cloud affiliate link:

  • Publish an article or review on your site or blog;
  • Send your contacts a newsletter in which you recommend our services explaining the advantages;
  • Share your opinion and link to services on your social channels;
  • Post a tutorial on YouTube;
  • Talk to friends: word of mouth is always effective.
How can I track my commissions?

Thanks to our Manager Panel you can manage and monitor your activity, links and commissions received from a single very intuitive dashboard, getting the most out of the program Affiliate hosting and Shellrent cloud.

How are sales monitored?

Our internal tracking system stores a cookie for the visitor with a maximum duration of 60 days. If a user makes a purchase with your affiliate link within that period, they are automatically recognized.

How does the affiliate program work?

To become an affiliate you just need to follow 3 simple steps:

  • Place our banners and links on your website, blog or newsletter. Choose the one you prefer among the various alternatives we offer you.
  • Visitors, by clicking on your affiliate link, make a purchase on our site.
  • You earn high commissions for each sale concluded, based on the table below.
Do I also get paid for my affiliate renewals?

Yes, you will be paid both for each new activation and for each renewal of the services, in accordance with the table relating to the levels of affiliation.

Do I have to be a Shellrent customer to sign up for the program?

No, the hosting and cloud affiliation program is open to anyone with a website, blog or newsletter: even better if the topics you are talking about are related to the IT and ICT world (IT, hosting, marketing) and related topics.

Do I have to have a VAT number to enroll in the program?

The opening of the VAT number is a mandatory requirement for the economic activity exercised in a habitual form. The Revenue Agency considers the affiliation activity as usual, with rare exceptions. If you are able to demonstrate that the activity is carried out on an occasional basis, the withholding tax may suffice. For more information see: [Agenzia delle Entrate]( -autonomo-f24_rit_red_lav_aut / income-subject-to-withholding-f24_rit_red_lav_aut) and [Ministry of Labor and Social Policies]( of-work-and-industrial-relations / focus-on / Discipline-employment-relationship / Pages / Occasional-services.aspx).

When and how will i get paid as an affiliate?

We will pay you via bank transfer upon reaching the threshold of 50.00 euros based on the commissions established by the program. We will arrange the payment as per your indication: always check that the data you have provided are correct and complete.

Where can I read the Affiliate Program Terms of Service?

You can find the terms of service and contracts in the Contracts section on our website.