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Scansione Antivirus & Report

Activate the Antivirus Scan of your website directly from the Control Panel Manager: it detects malicious or compromised files present in your Hosting in order to proceed with their deletion.
For greater protection, we periodically start the free Automatic Scan of your web space: in case of infected files we will offer you our support for prompt intervention.

Why is my site being attacked?

The risk of your site undergoing frequent attacks is real, especially if developed with the most popular CMSs such as WordPress or Joomla.
They range from the defacement of the homepage, in which your contents are replaced with those uploaded by the hacker, to the change of the administration passwords that prevent you from having regular access.
The causes? Outdated applications are more vulnerable and are exploited by hackers.
For greater security, in addition to updating your application, programming language and various plugins, remember to always have an updated data backup.

How many times can I start the Antivirus Scan?

You can run the Antivirus Scan once a day - we recommend that you run it regularly every week.
For added protection we will start the free Automatic Scan monthly: in case of infected files, our Technical Support will suggest the resolution options.

What should I do once I have the scan results?

In the event that the Antivirus Scan detects malicious files, proceed to clean them as soon as possible, restoring the correct state of the website. If you prefer to be followed in the remediation operation, our webmasters will be at your complete disposal to solve the problem quickly and provide you with useful advice.

How to start the Antivirus Scan?

Launching the Scan is very simple, just access the Manager Control Panel.


Real Time Antivirus Protection

It represents the best solution for the security of your website: an automatic scan will be performed whenever the addition or modification of files is detected, detecting any malware in real time.