Automate, manage and purchase Shellrent services via API

Simplify communication between Manager control panel and Shellrent services through API. With the REST APIs you can obtain information or issue commands to the Manager, such as making a purchase, managing and monitoring our services exclusively, programmatically.
Automate, manage and purchase Shellrent services via API

Shellrent API functionality

Each API call to the Manager provides a response from the service you wish to connect to.
Discover all the possibilities offered by API.


Consult or modify the registration data of a domain, activate or deactivate DNSSEC, create or delete a DNS record.

SSL certificates

The SSL certificate is the ideal solution for those who need to protect their website.


View the information of a Web Hosting, start an antivirus scan, manage the installation of an SSL certificate.


Get information and use the server restart function, start or block the Cloud Servers or the VMs of the Private Clouds.

SMS service

Create and send Economy or Standard SMS, discover the remaining credit, manage lists and monitor an SMS being sent.

Electronic Invoicing

Consult the list, get notifications and details of electronic documents issued and received, download invoice files.


How do REST API work?

Shellrent APIs are built with REST logic, i.e. following an architecture that allows the exchange of information with requests managed via HTTP. Each call must include the actions you would like to take using one of the verbs provided by the protocol: GET (fetch information), POST (create a new item), PATCH (modify the data of a service), and DELETE (delete a resource).

How to make an API call?

To be able to make API calls to the Manager it is necessary to generate a Token, so that the requests are authenticated. To create a Token, click on the "API Key" item in the functions of your User Profile. The authenticated call must be made by the Endpoint indicated in the API Documentation.

What are API?

The term API, acronym for Application Programming Interface, defines an interface that allows two applications to communicate with each other. In general, APIs are nothing but snippets of code designed to automate and speed up the workflow of programmers and developers.

What are Shellrent API for?

Through the Shellrent API it is possible to purchase, manage and obtain information exclusively on our services without going through the graphical interface. This tool, in fact, allows access to the commands that allow Shellrent services to interact with the Manager, with the aim of performing many functions of our control panel.

Who can use the Shellrent API?

Being code fragments, the REST APIs can be implemented by all our customers who prefer to use a flexible and programmatic approach to Shellrent services.