Cloud Server

Cloud Server

Cloud Servers engineered for each web project: dedicated resources and maximum scalability for high performance.

Pre-configured Cloud Servers

Rely on our experience with pre-configured Cloud solutions, designed to offer an optimal balance of resources and performance.

  • Optimal integration between resources
  • Ready-to-use solutions
  • 9 configuration options

Custom Cloud Server

Create your tailor-made Cloud Server, customizing the features and resources needed for your application or web project.

  • Decide the level of RAM, Disk, vCPU resources
  • Choose whether to activate High Reliability (HA) mode
  • Customize the configuration and operating system

Cloud Server pre-configurati

Ready-to-use Cloud solutions, studied in detail to offer a typical balance of CPU, RAM, Storage resources.
Disc type
Automatic Snapshot
Montly price
Starter 1 core 1 GB 20 GB HDD
€9,73+ IVA /month
Basic 2 core 2 GB 30 GB HDD
€16,76+ IVA /month
Advanced 4 core 4 GB 60 GB HDD
€33,52+ IVA /month
Enterprise 6 core 8 GB 100 GB HDD
€59,64+ IVA /month
Starter 1 core 1 GB 20 GB SSD
€28,56+ IVA /month
Basic 2 core 2 GB 30 GB SSD
€45,52+ IVA /month
Standard 4 core 4 GB 50 GB SSD
€79,44+ IVA /month
Business 6 core 8 GB 70 GB SSD
€120,08+ IVA /month
Enterprise 8 core 12 GB 100 GB SSD
€172,32+ IVA /month

Custom Cloud Server

Create your customized Cloud Server by independently choosing the features and resources for your project.
Buy a Cloud Server for 12 months and lower the price with one 5% discount


All servers offer:

Server infrastructure automation powered by Ansible

We integrate the automation of the infrastructure through Red Hat Ansible so as to make all the configuration updating and orchestration operations of the infrastructure recurring.

Check the resources of your Cloud Server in real-time

You will be able to monitor your Cloud Server directly from the customer area, monitoring the status of activity and resources, including CPU usage, amount of free RAM or disk usage. You can also restart the Cloud with a simple click.

Private Cloud Enterprise Statistiche in tempo reale 2

Additional services

Improve the performance of your application thanks to additional services to be combined with your Server.
Choose the most suitable for your needs!
Template distributions
Storage & Backup
Server control panels
Cloud Server Daily Backup
Personal Server Configuration
Plesk Server Migration
Microsoft Licenses
Plesk Licenses
cPanel Licenses
Disaster Recovery