Cloud Storage

External and redundant storage to store data securely.
Thanks to this service you can store your files and data on a Cloud Storage replicated in real time in a different geolocated Datacenter for a redundant and reliable backup policy. Access from any device via FTP, NFS or SMB.
Cloud Storage

Cloud Storage Benefits


Secure and replicated data on two different Datacenters


Access via FTP / NFS / SMB from any device


High speed download & upload


Increase storage space in seconds

Users and accesses

Create and manage multiple users and logins


Cloud Storage replicated in real time


Automatically synchronize files from PC to Cloud Storage thanks to the dedicated desktop client

Veeam Agent Free

Connect Cloud Storage to Veeam Agent Free to make backups from your workstation directly to our Datacenter


Save a template of your VM in the Cloud Storage to speed up the configuration of new VMs on your Private Cloud

How does Cloud Storage work?

Thanks to the external storage space you can store files and data of all kinds
The data and files stored within the Cloud Storage will be copied to another server located in a different Datacenter
The Cloud Storage is replicated in real time in a different region more than 1,000 km away to ensure maximum data redundancy and reliability.
Cloud Storage

File Manager Web

Upload and manage files from any place and device thanks to the NextCloud web interface.

Activate Cloud Storage

Don't worry about how many GB to buy, you can change the space instantly from your Panel Manager.
Cloud Storage 15GB
1 ,99 + VAT /month
Cloud Storage 100 GB
8 ,00 + VAT /month
Cloud Storage 200 GB
15 ,00 + VAT /month
Cloud Storage 500 GB
26 ,00 + VAT /month
Cloud Storage 1000 GB
39 ,00 + VAT /month
Cloud Storage 2000 GB
55 ,00 + VAT /month
Cloud Storage 2000 GB
69 ,00 + VAT /month
Cloud Storage 5000 GB
110 ,00 + VAT /month
Cloud Storage 5000 GB
190 ,00 + VAT /month
Cloud Storage 5000 GB
299 ,00 + VAT /month
Do you want more space?
Discover the available denominations up to 20TB

What services can you use Cloud Storage with?

Cloud VPS

Private Cloud

Dedicated Servers

Do you want to create more users on your space?

Activate additional users to be accessed separately by deciding how many GB to reserve for each one. Maximum 10 additional users.
+1 user
1 ,00 + VAT /month

To make backups of the workstation or server directly in our Datacenter connect the Cloud Storage to Veeam Agent Free