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Our domains support Cloudflare for free: activate the function with one click from the Manager Control Panel and secure your website in seconds. Don't worry about the configuration, it will all be automatic.


Protect your hosting for free with Cloudflare

Protect your hosting with Cloudflare for free, activate it now and improve the performance of your site!

With Cloudflare you will get

Faster website

Thanks to Cloudflare's CDN (Content Delivery Network) and HTTP / 2 network protocol, your website will get a marked increase in page loading performance

Protection from bots and malware

Cloudflare has created a system for identifying threats, bots and malware, which blocks attacks before they reach the server

Spammer protection

Using data from its community and third-party resources, Cloudflare reduces the number of spam comments on your blog by 50%, saving you a lot of time on tedious cleaning tasks.


The data relating to visits, performance and the amount of bandwidth used that Cloudflare records in real time, will result in an optimization of your application

Always online

In the event that the server where your site is hosted should be under attack, thanks to Cloudflare your visitors will still be able to view the contents of your website correctly.

IPv6 compatibility

Automatic IPv6 gateway allows websites with IPv4 to support native clients over IPv6

Set up Cloudflare on your domain

Discover the guide to correctly set up Cloudflare on your domain!