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Something isn't working as it should, or you wouldn't be here. The solution exists, or rather there are hundreds of them: this is the beauty of IT. The difficult thing is being able to find them, evaluate them and implement them in your own reality. We have been doing precisely this for fifteen years, and those who know us say that we do it well.
Consulenza informatica
Noi di Shellrent

We at Shellrent

We sell hosting services and business applications, distinguishing ourselves for system security and the quality of technical assistance. We offer personalized consultancy and tailor-made solutions to the more structured customer. We've been doing this since 2007, for companies in every industry and with excellent reviews. We are in and from Vicenza. We can meet you in person throughout the Triveneto area and remotely throughout the world.

Unique solutions to common problems

Soluzione cybersecurity


What threats to fear?
What countermeasures to adopt?
How much does all this cost?

Soluzione rete aziendale

Corporate networks

A systems engineer who has truly seen it all, always at your disposal.

Soluzioni Software

Customized software

Automation saves time, money and effort.
That's why everyone does it.







How much does it cost?

The hourly rate of a systems engineer ranges from €55 to €75, but the final cost depends on the project undertaken.

What concrete result will I get?

An application capable of responding to your business needs and the training necessary to use it.

Will I need to move my infrastructure to Shellrent?

Not necessarily. But as your hosting provider we could offer you 360° assistance on the entire stack.

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