Contracts relating to the services that can be activated

From this page you can download all documents relating to the protection of personal data, the Service Level Agreement and the contracts regarding the services that Shellrent S.r.l. offers. We also affirm that the site observes Italian law on copyright and copyright.


General contracts

General conditions for the use of Shellrent services
Data Processing Information - GDPR Compliance
Information and acquisition of data processing
Technical Intervention Contract
Postpayment Agreement
Postpay plus contract
Extended cookie information
Microsoft Licensing Agreement
Privacy Policy Annex 1
Privacy Policy Annex 2
Reseller Agreement
Shop Reseller Agreement
Affiliation Agreement
Assistance contract plus

Domains and Hosting Contracts

Domain Contract
.IT Domain Registration Clauses
Hosting Agreement
Technical specifications of the Hosting service
Declarations and Assumptions of Responsibility

Server Contracts

Cloud VPS contract
Dedicated Server Agreement
Parallels VPS Agreement
Private Cloud Agreement
Cloud Storage Agreement

PEC and SSL contracts

Certified Electronic Mail Contract - PEC
SSL Certificates Agreement

Other services

SMS Service Contract