Copilot for Microsoft 365

Copilot integrates the power of artificial intelligence into the Microsoft 365 suite. The assistant carries out your instructions using all the apps with speed and competence, guaranteeing the team a clear improvement in terms of productivity and creativity.

Exchange Online (Plan 1)

379 ,00
+ VAT /year /user

The advantages of Copilot

It simplifies tasks, increases productivity and improves communication in the company, making the use of Microsoft 365 more fluid and efficient. Discover everything Copilot can do for you with different apps.


Copilot in Word

• Quickly create texts and documents
• Suggests corrections and improvements to content
• Rework texts based on required length and style
• Create briefs and summaries from other documents

Copilot in Excel

• Analyzes and formats information independently
• Filter, highlight and sort data from a prompt
• Suggests and generates formulas, charts and pivot tables
• Extrapolate estimates or forecast scenarios from existing data

Copilot in PowerPoint

• Turn Word documents into presentations
• Create presentations from scratch starting from a prompt
• Enrichs slides with relevant images
• Organize and summarize slides coherently

Copilot in Outlook

• Create original, engaging and personalized emails
• Summarizes individual emails and entire conversations
• Suggests the answer based on the thread topic
• Indicates how to improve the clarity and tone of emails


Copilot in Teams

• Summarize key points from a meeting in real time
• Generate comprehensive summaries for those who didn't attend
• Understands context and suggests relevant questions
• Reports unresolved issues and recommends actions to be taken

Copilot is available as an add-on to annual plans:

Microsoft 365

• Business Standard
• Business Premium
• Enterprise E3
• Enterprise E5

Office 365

• E3
• E5