CPanel control panel

cPanel is a hosting automation panel to manage domains, websites, cloud and dedicated servers in a reliable and intuitive way from a single interface thanks to a set of advanced features. Available on OS GNU / Linux and Windows Server, cPanel is designed for Dev-Ops, web agency and hosting provider.
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Activate the ideal cPanel license for your project now

Manage and monitor your customers' websites and domains from a single interface by choosing the license that best suits your needs.
cPanelAsset 8@1x


1 user
Ideal for freelancers, self-employed entrepreneurs or personal projects.
12 ,99
+ VAT /month
cPanelAsset 8@1x

Admin Cloud

up to 5 users
Perfect for agencies, SMEs and web professionals.
27 ,99
+ VAT /month
cPanelAsset 8@1x

Pro Cloud

up to 30 users
Ideal for startups, resellers and growing businesses.
38 ,99
+ VAT /month
cPanelAsset 8@1x

Premier Cloud

up to 100 users
Specially designed to scale your business needs.
64 ,99
+ VAT /month
cPanelAsset 8@1x

cPanel Only

1 user
Ideal for freelancers, self-employed entrepreneurs or personal projects.
17 ,49
+ VAT /month
cPanelAsset 8@1x

cPanel Premier Metal

up to 100 users
Ideal for startups, resellers and growing businesses.
64 ,99
+ VAT /month


Fast and intuitive backup and recovery solution, to safeguard your data in complete autonomy.
10 ,99
+ VAT /month


Security suite for protecting servers and websites. Detects and removes malware, spam and software vulnerabilities.
19 ,49
+ VAT /month

CPanel licenses for large companies

If you need more than 100 users oriented on the following cPanel licenses which provide a more structured number of users.
CPanel Premier Cloud license
CPanel Premier Metal license
Up to 150 users
76 ,99 + VAT /month
76 ,99 + VAT /month
Up to 200 users
88 ,99 + VAT /month
88 ,99 + VAT /month
Up to 250 users
109 ,99 + VAT /month
109 ,99 + VAT /month
Up to 300 users
122 ,99 + VAT /month
122 ,99 + VAT /month
Up to 350 users
143 ,99 + VAT /month
143 ,99 + VAT /month
Up to 400 users
160 ,99 + VAT /month
160 ,99 + VAT /month
Up to 450 users
178 ,99 + VAT /month
178 ,99 + VAT /month
Up to 500 users
195 ,99 + VAT /month
195 ,99 + VAT /month

Advantages of cPanel licenses

Simplify and automate the management of any web project thanks to the cPanel control panel.
Easily organize all your customers' domains and websites
Take advantage of built-in security tools to protect your data
Manage all Web Hosting operations from a single interface
Licenze cPanel

Advanced features and functionality of cPanel

CPanel panel
Organization of files
File Manager
Manage uploads, creation and editing of files from the interface, without an FTP connection
Directory Privacy
Password protect specific directories to restrict access to certain resources
disk usage
Monitor disk usage and available space in real time
Backup Wizard
Tool that assists you step-by-step in the backup creation procedure
Git Version Control
Useful feature for hosting Git repositories on your cPanel account
Use phpMyAdmin to administer a MySQL database via any browser
MySQL Database
Use the MySQL interface to manage your website information
Remote MySQL
Configure databases to be accessed remotely, useful for allowing applications on other servers to access your databases
PostgreSQL Database
Use the PostgreSQL interface to manage your website information
PostgreSQL Database Wizard
Simultaneously create databases and the accounts that will be able to access them
Domains and subdomains
Fully create and manage multiple domains and subdomains for each account
simply redirect directly from your cPanel account
Zone Editor
Add, edit and remove several DNS records (A, AAAA, CNAME, SRV, MX, TXT)
Account email
Manage all the email accounts of each domain from a single interface
Mailing list
Create mailing lists to send bulk communications to multiple addresses
Email Routing
Route emails from a domain to a specific server
Global filters
Create filters globally for all email accounts on your cPanel panel
Spam filters
Configure Apache SpamAssassin to classify and block all unwanted emails
Email Deliverability
Identify issues with DKIM, SPF, PTR records and improve email delivery reliability
Configure GnuPG to encrypt your messages
Manage greylisting for each domain on your account to protect users from spam
Send automatic emails to anyone who writes to a particular account
Calendars and contacts
Centrally configure and manage all calendars and contacts
SSH access
Connect securely to your command line server
Leech protection
Set a maximum number of logins that can be carried out in 2 hours to better manage accesses
IP blocking
Block specific domains or IP addresses that will therefore not be able to log in
Hotlink protection
Prevent hotlinking of your websites to prevent third parties from using your bandwidth
2-factor authentication
Increase the security of your cPanel account with a 2-step identification procedure
PHP PEAR packages
Manage collections of functions to perform tasks in PHP
Easily manage the PHP configurations of your accounts
Advanced features
Quickly connect to your account directly from the command line
Cron Job
Automate some commands or scripts to run at a specific time
Virus scanner
Identify viruses and security holes by suggesting the appropriate action to take
WordPress Manager
Manage all WordPress installations on your cPanel account