Powerful, reliable and secure dedicated servers

I server dedicati sono lo strumento giusto per chi ha necessità di performance eccellenti e di una qualità superiore.
Scegli tra server dedicati di ultima generazione con processore
Intel Xeon dischi SATA3 o SSD

Server Dedicati

All Servers offer

Statistics check in real time
Monitor server workload (CPU, RAM, disk) in real time.
Ease of use with the Manager Panel
Manage your domain and email accounts, configure DNS and MySQL database and more.
Console KVM
Access from browser and control your server without remote access.
24/7 support
The technical control of all servers is constant and the support responses are quick.
Server Preconfigurati
Do you want a ready-to-use server? Choose the configuration that suits your case among our templates.
Root access
Access the server with maximum privileges, to control it in its entirety.
IPv4 support
Add new IPv4 addresses for your mail server or virtual instances.

NVMe Storage: High-performance storage

NVMe (NVM Express)-based storage is capable of delivering up to 6x I/O performance of SSDs.
NVMe disks use NAND memory cells to save data and thanks to the PCI Express connection they far exceed the performance of disks used on the SATA bus.

Server Dedicati
Writing speed
Writing speed
Reading speed
Reading speed

Powerful, reliable and secure dedicated servers

Dedicated Servers are the right tool for those who need excellent performance and superior quality. Choose from latest generation Dedicated Servers with Intel Xeon processor SATA, SSD or NVMe disks.

Available configurations

LAMP Server
cPanelAsset 8@1x

Available O.S.

  • Debian 10
  • Debian 11
  • Ubuntu 20
  • CentOS 8
  • 2019 Standard Ed
  • 2022 Standard Ed

Available Hypervisor

VMware ESX

Additional services

Improve the performance of your application thanks to the additional services to be combined with your Server.
Choose the most suitable for your needs!