DNS Management - What is DNS?

DNS is the acronym for Domain Name System, or domain name system. Created in 1983, DNS allows you to connect to a site by typing the domain name and not the IP address, as was the case previously, making it easier and more intuitive to use the web. It is thanks to DNS records that you now enter shellrent.com on the URL and not its IP address to visit the Shellrent site.

Protect your domain with DNSSEC

Increase the security of DNS servers, protect your domain and your customers' data. DNSSEC activation is included and manageable from the Manager Control Panel.

Gestione DNS

Why are there different DNS records?

A DNS record can correspond to different types of information, for this reason, there are different types of DNS records. The ones we make available on our control panel are:

Record A
Record CNAME
Record MX
Record AAA
Record TXT
Record PTR
Record SRV

What do DNS records allow to do?

Some allow you to determine which servers are authoritative for delivering mail from your domain, others allow you to link one DNS name to another. To know all their functions, you can consult our guide that will help you configure them directly from the manager.shellrent.com control panel.

How can I change the different records?

In order to set the DNS records according to your needs, you need to log in to your control panel, select the domain name concerned and go to the Actions section, Manage DNS.
From there you can act on each record yourself.

Gestione DNS

DNS Management is included in all of our plans

We offer you an overview of our Linux, Windows and Plesk hosting plans. Compare the features of the plans in the table below, choose the one that best suits your needs.

Ideal for opensource CMS


Starting at
22 ,99
+ VAT /year
  • Domain: 1 year included
  • Space and traffic: Unlimited
  • Email: 5 da 1 GB
  • Database: 1 MySql
  • PHP: 8.1
  • HTTP: 1.1
  • Backup: Weekly
  • File protection: included
  • Best CMS support: even
For your ASP .NET projects


Starting at
39 ,00
+ VAT /year
  • Space and traffic: SSD NVMe unlimited
  • Email: 5 and 1GB
  • Database: 1 MySQL
  • PHP: 7.4
  • ASP: ASP + Framework .NET
  • Backup: Weekly
  • Satisfied or your money back: 30 days

Transfer your domain too!

If you buy one of our web hosting plans, you also transfer your domain and you will have DNS Management included. If, on the other hand, you keep it with another provider, the cost of the service will be € 1.00 + VAT per year.