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Match a service to domain transfer

Whatever your domain needs, we have the solution for you. Take the first step to match a service to your domain.

Manage DNS o Redirect?

Choose only the Simple Domain from, the Redirect function is included.

Do you need a web space?

Add the Mail Web hosting plan and you will have unlimited space to upload your content.

Do you need email boxes?

Choose the Mail Web hosting plan and you will have 5 mailboxes and unlimited space.

Do you need to develop a website?

Add a Web Hosting space, you will also have access to the MySQL database and 5 emails of 1 GB.

All services included with domain registration

DNS management

Manage DNS pointings in total autonomy. You can also change the Name Servers of your domain.

  • Different types of DNS records
  • Autonomous records management


DNSSEC allows the authentication of the source by the browser guaranteeing the authenticity and integrity of your Domain.

  • More visits to your website
  • Greater online security
  • Protection of your servers
  • 15+ extensions available

Redirect function

Register your domain and redirect it to any other site, with a simple click from your Panel!

Instant Activation

Domain registration has never been faster! Recording times are reduced to a minimum.

Template DNS

Use custom DNS templates directly from the Manager control panel.


Our domains support Cloudflare for free, activate the function with one click from the Manager Panel and protect your website in seconds without worrying about the configuration.

Transfer your domain

Transfer your domain in just a few clicks. Purchase the domain and enter the authcode code from the Manager panel.

Free Content Migration!

If you also buy a web hosting service, you can take advantage of the free migration service for all content.

Brand protection

Protect your brand by registering your domain in all countries where online presence is important.
  • The selection of the geographical areas of greatest interest
  • The protection of your identity on the net
  • Complete management of the domain portfolio
  • Monitoring of new extensions

Has your domain expired? Find out if you still have time to renew it!

Additional Services

Improve safety and performance of your new Domain thanks to these additional services.
Choose the most suitable for your needs!