Plesk Email Security Pro

Mail server with antispam and advanced antivirus

It is up to server administrators to protect user mailboxes from ever-increasing cyber threats and divert damage to their businesses. The Email Security Pro extension offers no chance for spam and viruses! Mailboxes can be protected effortlessly - no manual configuration or CLI adjustments for open-source tools.
Plesk Email Security

Activate Email Security Pro: Automatic setup and quick configuration


Simple installation and use

The Email Security Pro extension is pre-configured with automatic configuration, updates and filter learning. The all-in-one interface has easy settings for tested and supported open source tools.

Complete on-premise solution

We will not send email information outside the boundaries of the mail server or to the cloud. For added security, all emails will be processed on the local server.

Inbound and outbound protection

Amavis, SpamAssassin and ClamAV manage the configuration of anti-spam, anti-virus and mail servers directly from your interface.

Get Email Security Pro in two versions

On-premise solution
Global and user-specific antispam settings (white / blacklist management, spam marking, filter sensitivity)
Configurable inbound / outbound spam filter
Migration of settings from the integrated antispam (SpamAssasin)
Email configuration check (DNS / RDNS, MX, ports)
SPAM / HAM machine learning and spam marking
Detailed overview of mail traffic statistics / graph
Antivirus email scans and quarantine management
Daily updates of anti-virus and anti-spam databases
Access to the main block lists
Gestione blacklist DNS


Plesk license

A Plesk license from 17.8.11 onwards

Dovecot & Postfix

Dovecot & Postfix sent by Plesk

Open source tools

Amavis, SpamAssassin and ClamAV (installati da Email Security)

Linux distributions

CentOS, RedHat, Debian, Ubuntu (possibly others based on Fedora / Debian)