What is a Premium Domain?

The various registries of the new gTLDs may reserve a higher cost for some domain names, which they consider particularly eligible for candidates, than that proposed for the desired extension. These domains are called Premium.
The criteria on the basis of which the attractiveness of a domain is calculated depend on the various registries and are not disclosed. The choice usually falls on names that may appear as more profitable.

How do I know if the domain I have chosen is a Premium domain?

At the time of purchase, it is not possible to know. In fact, these names either appear as registered or unavailable (taken / unavailable) at the whois level, or are given as available but with reserve.
During registration, in fact, a contact is requested by the competent Registry, following which the sale price will be communicated. This contact is not required from the end user but from the Registrar where the purchase is being made.

What happens if I purchase a Premium domain name whose cost does not match what I paid?

If you purchase a domain name that is Premium, you will be contacted by our sales department who will propose the new purchase price.
If the cost is too high or not to your liking, you can always proceed by requesting the reimbursement of the amount spent, which will always be granted.