Virtual Private Infrastructure: Private Cloud

Purchase a guaranteed resource pool and activate your instances in seconds.
All plans include by default a weekly backup which is essential for the protection of hosted data.

Private Cloud
Private Cloud Private Cloud Private Cloud
Storage STD IOPS

Reliable and powerful storage suitable for all common workloads, ideal for web applications or projects in RAM

Storage HP IOPS

Storage optimized for heavy workloads, ideal for projects that need low I/O time and full disk read/write speeds

  • Starter STD IOPS

      CPU 6vCPU @ 2.1 GHz
      STORAGE 450GB Standard IOPS
      RAM 14 GB
    79 ,00
    + VAT /month
  • Basic STD IOPS

      CPU 8vCPU @ 2.1 GHz
      STORAGE 450GB Standard IOPS
      RAM 29 GB
    99 ,00
    + VAT /month
  • Standard STD IOPS

      CPU 10vCPU @ 2.1 GHz
      STORAGE 900GB Standard IOPS
      RAM 29 GB
    169 ,00
    + VAT /month
  • Business STD IOPS

      CPU 16vCPU @ 3.7Ghz
      STORAGE 1200GB Standard IOPS
      RAM 60 GB
    229 ,00
    + VAT /month
  • Starter HP IOPS

      CPU 8vCPU @ 3.6 GHz
      STORAGE 300GB High Performance IOPS
      RAM 29 GB
    179 ,00
    + VAT /month
  • Standard HP IOPS

      CPU 12vCPU @ 3.8 GHz
      STORAGE 600GB High Performance IOPS
      RAM 60 GB
    239 ,00
    + VAT /month
  • Business HP IOPS

      CPU 16vCPU @ 3.6 GHz
      STORAGE 700GB High Performance IOPS
      RAM 90 GB
    299 ,00
    + VAT /month
  • Advance HP IOPS

      CPU 32vCPU @ 2.0 GHz
      STORAGE 1250GB High Performance IOPS
      RAM 120 GB
    389 ,00
    + VAT /month
  • Enterprise HP IOPS

      CPU 48vCPU @ 3.9 GHz
      STORAGE 2500GB High Performance IOPS
      RAM 120 GB
    479 ,00
    + VAT /month
  • Ultra HP IOPS

      CPU 96vCPU @ 2.8 GHz
      STORAGE 3200GB High Performance IOPS
      RAM 250 GB
    899 ,00
    + VAT /month

Disaster Recovery: maximum security thanks to real-time replication backup

Rely on our Disaster Recovery strategy to automatically archive the backups of your Private Cloud in an external Cloud Storage and replicated in real time on two different geolocated datacenters.
Consult the backups, choose the retention and restore in 1 click.

Private Cloud Private Cloud

Your Private Cloud

Copia di Backup Copia di Backup

Your backup copy

Cloud Storage Cloud Storage

Main region

Cloud Storage Cloud Storage

Replicated region in real time

What the Private Cloud offers

Console KVM

Access your area from the browser and control the machine without remote access

Snapshot e Backup scheduler: Daily/Weekly

Create and program a "photograph" of your machine before critical interventions and restore the data in case of unforeseen events

Statistics check in real time

Monitor in real time the workload of your Private Cloud (CPU, RAM, disk)

Management of instances from the Manager Panel

Restart the Private Cloud, restore backups and monitor the load in a simple and intuitive way, directly from a single interface

Choose the configuration

Do you want a ready-to-use Private Cloud? Choose the configuration that suits your needs among our templates

Root access

Access the machine as an administrator with maximum privileges to control it independently

ISO Repository

Disk space available to load .iso image files useful for consulting data or to start a VM directly from the disk

Template VM

Create a template of your VM to save the configuration and speed up the creation of new VMs on your Private Cloud

Server infrastructure automation powered by Ansible

We integrate the automation of the infrastructure through Red Hat Ansible so as to make all the configuration updating and orchestration operations of the infrastructure recurring.

Powerful, reliable and secure Private Clouds

Private Clouds are the perfect solution to create VMs in seconds, without resource overbooking. Choose the right configuration for your instances.

Available configurations

LAMP Server
cPanelAsset 8@1x

Available O.S.

  • Debian 10
  • Debian 11
  • Ubuntu 18
  • CentOS 7
  • CentOS 8 Stream
  • AlmaLinux
  • 2016 Standard Ed
  • 2019 Standard Ed
  • 2022 Standard Ed

Additional services

Improve the performance of your application thanks to the additional services to be combined with your Server.
Choose the most suitable for your needs!