Private Cloud Replication

Thanks to Private Cloud Replication you can replicate all the VMs in your Private Cloud to another secondary Private Cloud. If necessary, you just need one click to be online with the VMs in the replica Private Cloud.

Private Cloud Replication

How to activate the Private Cloud replication function

  • Access your customer area and select the starting Private Cloud

  • From the left menu go to Private Cloud Replication and fill in the required fields

How Private Cloud Replication works

  • Activate a secondary Private Cloud, choosing one with the same characteristics as the one you want to replicate.

  • The synchronization of the VMs within the replica Private Cloud will take place automatically and continuously, so that you do not have to worry about anything.

  • In case of unforeseen events, you can directly activate the VMs within the replica Private Cloud with a click and go back online immediately.

Private Cloud Replication

Are you looking for a redundant backup and disaster recovery facility?

Thanks to the Disaster Recovery service you can keep one or more backup copies in a replicated Cloud Storage, and then restore them quickly.
The backup will be stored in two different geolocated datacenters more than 1,000 km apart for a reliable and secure disaster recovery strategy.