Shop Reseller: personalized e-commerce for resellers

Have you joined the Reseller Program? Sell ​​all Shellrent services at the price you want through an online shop with your logo.

What is the Shop Reseller?

The Shop Reseller service allows resellers to have a free and customizable e-commerce with the logo and colors of their brand.
The Shop Reseller integrates the essential tools and functions for the online sale of Shellrent services at a higher price.

Shop Reseller

What are the advantages of the Shop Reseller?

Free activation

The activation of the Shop Reseller is free and can be done in a few steps directly from the Manager panel.

E-commerce white label

The Shop Reseller will have the personalized domain (for example, the logo and the colors of your brand to help you strengthen the identity of your business.

Price list customization

Define the desired mark-up percentage and sell Shellrent services at a higher price.


Whatever your technical or administrative need, our team is always at your complete disposal.

How does the Shop Reseller work?


Activate the e-commerce for free and in a few steps, simply by clicking on the "Shop Reseller" item in the menu of your Manager panel.


Indicate the mark-up percentage to apply a surcharge to the purchase price of Shellrent services (you can set a default value or choose a different percentage for some services).


Manage billing independently directly from the Shop Reseller panel and automatically receive the balance corresponding to the top-up amount on Prepaid Credit.

Use of the Shop Reseller

The Reseller has a panel available through which to manage the settings of the Shop.

Users who register with a Shop Reseller and end customers promoted by the retailer themselves become "Reseller Shop end users".

The Reseller can make purchases on behalf of a "Reseller Shop end user" only from the Shop Reseller. On the contrary, for "Reseller end users" the purchase remains through the Shellrent Shop.

Become a Reseller: enrollment in the Program is free

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