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Site migration: free website migration tool

Switch to Shellrent in a few simple clicks : rely on our free migration tool to transfer your website.

What the Site Migration service includes

File migration

File migration of the main domain and any third levels

Database migration

Migration of the databases indicated or required by the migrated CMS

Change configuration

Changing the configuration of the connection to the CMS database

Verifica full path

Check for any static disk paths (full path) and update for the new structure (e.g. from / var / www / html / to /home/web/

Verifica .htaccess

Checking the .htaccess for any incompatible elements

How to start website migration in a few simple steps

Buy Hosting

Choose the hosting and, after making the purchase and entering the domain, click on "Transfer".

Request migration

After activating the service, you can start the migration from the Functions menu in the Manager Panel, by clicking on "Request site migration".

Insert your data

Fill in all fields with reference information. You can ask for FTP and database accesses directly to the old provider.

Check your application

Check your application to verify that the migration was successful. If so, you can contact us via a support ticket to request a consultation.

Transfer the domain

At the end of the site migration, enter the Authcode code in the details of your domain service in the Manager Panel.


Site not working after migration? Request Site Migration Plus

In case of particular plugins or customizations to the website or to the CMS, the free migration tool could make a migration that is not completely correct.
We recommend that you request Site Migration Plus:
personalized advice from an expert who will personally check the migration and resolve any errors.

How does the content migration work?

After purchasing your service, start the website migration procedure directly from the Manager Panel: we will transfer the FTP and MySQL database contents.
At the end of the procedure you can proceed with the synchronization of the e-mail accounts (Imap Sync) ensuring the continuity of both the e-mail and web service.
Your site will be active in a few hours on our structure, without downtime.

Authcode | Authinfo

Before entering the domain transfer code in the Manager Panel, wait for the confirmation of successful migration.


We invite you to make a copy of the data and contents before proceeding with the transfer.
We decline all responsibility for any damage or accidental consequences deriving from errors in the data transfer phases.

Start migrating your content now:






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Migrate your mail too

If you have one or more IMAP mailboxes associated with your domain, migrate your email in a simple and secure way with the Mailsync assisted migration tool.
See the guide for detailed steps.