System Checkup

Identify security vulnerabilities in your IT infrastructure and the actions you need to take to overcome them. System Checkup subjects servers, networks or individual applications to automatic periodic scans, producing accurate reports based on a constantly updated index of known threats.

System Checkup

Plans and prices


3 automatic scans
(one every 4 months)
2 scans on request/year

To encourage and guide the company's periodic Vulnerability Assessment.

49 ,00
+ VAT /year


5 automatic scans
(one every 2.4 months)
3 scans on request/year

For strategically important infrastructures with frequent review cycles.

69 ,00
+ VAT /year


12 automatic scans
(every month)
30 scans on demand/year

For systems hosting highly confidential data and mission-critical processes.

99 ,00
+ VAT /year

360° safety

Over 150,000 safety tests
CVEs updated daily
Automatic application detection
Categorization of vulnerabilities
Analysis of associated risks
Indication of possible solutions

System Checkup guarantees a broad-spectrum analysis of virtual infrastructures, subjecting them to a wide and varied battery of tests. Its purpose is to identify the possible presence of vulnerabilities already known to the IT community (the so-called CVEs - Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures) on the basis of an archive kept constantly updated. But it is not limited to this: each problem identified is associated with the concrete risks it entails and a list of viable solutions to overcome it.

Sicurezza 360°

The report document

At the end of each scan, an email will notify you that your report is ready. This is a pdf in English of variable length, of which you can download an example by clicking on the button below. All the documents produced will then be stored in the dedicated area of ​​the Manager panel, where you can consult and download them at any time.

Compatible systems

Shellrent Services

of your property

IP addresses

external to Shellrent


external to Shellrent

Each activation of the System Checkup service is associated with a specific IT system, identified by an IP address, hostname or domain name. All scans performed and reports generated will concern that system and to analyze another one it will be necessary to activate a new instance of the service.

It is therefore possible to analyze individual applications, e-commerce platforms or websites. To obtain maximum protection, however, it is advisable to scan an entire server: in this way it will also be possible to identify any critical issues at the basic infrastructure level.

You can associate System Checkup both with the services you purchased from Shellrent and manage via the Manager panel, and with architectures completely unrelated to our platform. In the latter case you will need to provide the appropriate login credentials (in the case of a server, the root password).

However, it is not possible to scan Shellrent services of which you are not the owner.