Veeam Backup as a Service

Veeam software is the world's most advanced and secure solution for backing up your data. It allows the archiving and rapid recovery of files, virtual machines and entire corporate networks.
It is available in the form of a monthly fee service, the cost of which depends on the features requested, the volume and type of data processed: this is the Backup as a Service (BaaS) formula.

Veeam Backup as a Service Veeam Backup as a Service

How does Veeam work?

Choose the most suitable license based on the items you want to back up: PC, server, virtual machines or NAS.
Customize your backup and disaster recovery strategy, taking advantage of the many configuration options available.
Match a repository Cloud Connect to your Veeam license to store your data in the most convenient and secure way.

Benefits Veeam BaaS

Flexible scheduling

Automatically back up each workload as often and at times as you want, creating your own customized disaster recovery strategy.

Secure storage

Store backups at your premises, or online in a Cloud Connect repository: redundant, inviolable and fast.

Immediate recovery

Recover lost or damaged data at any time, without interruptions to operations. Choose which files to restore and to which location.

Centralized management

Monitor and manage all your backups from a single dedicated console, creating users and access privileges as needed.

Veeam and Shellrent

Our consolidated partnership with Veeam allows us to offer personalized consultancy and dedicated cloud infrastructures, ensuring each customer has the backup & recovery strategy best suited to their needs. The Shellrent Manager panel allows you to easily monitor and modify your licenses, ensuring immediate scalability of all connected services. It also stores the access credentials to the Veeam Service Provider Console (VSPC), from which all operations and configurations are managed.
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Veeam BaaS solutions

Explore Veeam services and protect your mission-critical data.

All Veeam BaaS licenses

Choose the plan that best suits your needs and protect your files from deletions, accidents and cyber attacks.

Veeam Cloud Connect

Combine your Veeam license with a Cloud Connect repository to bring your backups online. Redundant, inviolable and fast.

Veeam per Microsoft 365

Protect Office app files with the dedicated Veeam solution, developed in collaboration with Microsoft itself.

Additional Services

Veeam Managed

Veeam is the most reliable software in the industry, but managing backups requires attention: leave it to us to ensure everything runs smoothly. The additional Managed service includes automatic monitoring of anomalies and their handling by a specialized technician. In case of running out of available space, lack of backup or software blocking, we will promptly restore the service.

Backup as a Service Managed

9 ,99
+ VAT /month


All questions and answers related to Veeam
Can I manage Veeam directly from the Shellrent manager panel?

Of course, the manager panel provides a dedicated interface for configuring backups and possibly purchasing additional workloads and features.

Can I upgrade/downgrade Veeam Workload Quantity features?

Of course, you can upgrade or downgrade the number of workloads and features at any time, just contact our sales support who will support you in this operation.

Is dedicated infrastructure required to contain Veeam?

No, it's not necessary. In some special cases, however, it is necessary to set up backups via the Veeam Backup & Replication console.

What is meant by Backup as a Service?

Backup as a service (BaaS), is a third-party managed service where data is securely stored in a hybrid cloud or offsite cloud repository.

What services can you use Veeam BaaS with?

Cloud VPS

Private Cloud

Dedicated Servers

Cloud Service Provider VCSP

Thanks to the Service Provider partnership with Veeam, we offer highly efficient managed backup solutions, designed for even the most complex and demanding IT infrastructures. Veeam Partnership Shellrent.

Cloud Service Provider VCSP

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