Veeam Cloud Connect

By combining the Cloud Connect service with your Veeam license you bring your backups online, in a redundant and secure infrastructure. The hardened repository also ensures that the data is absolutely immutable for a predefined period of time, making it safe from any type of attack.

Veeam Cloud Connect Backup

Starting at
9 ,00
+ VAT /month

Why choose Veeam Cloud Connect Backup

Remote storage

Backups are stored in secure, reliable and redundant cloud storage, protected from natural disasters and other unforeseen events.

Inviolable backups

Thanks to the hardened repository, backups cannot be modified or deleted, frustrating any attempt at manipulation.

Versatile management

Monitor and manage your repository from the backup console. You can change its size and configuration at any time.

Data always available

Backups can be restored at any time, avoiding prolonged interruptions to your operations.

Secure communications

Data transmissions to and from the repository are encrypted with the TLS protocol, the state of the art in computer security.

Fast transmissions

The integrated WAN Accelerator technology guarantees very fast times in both archiving and recovery phases.

Hardened Repository

Veeam Cloud Connect integrates, at no additional cost, a hardened repository. This means that the memory space is configured to keep backups immutable for at least 7 days from their upload: during this time they cannot be deleted or modified by anyone, not even the account administrator. In this way, the risk of losing data is eliminated, even if the access credentials are stolen by a hacker or the modification occurs by internal staff.

Fast and secure: activate Cloud Connect

Copy and store backups of your virtual and physical machines in a dedicated online repository. Safe, reliable and redundant, Cloud Connect guarantees the continuous availability of data and its rapid restoration in case of need.

9 ,00 + VAT /month

Veeam Cloud Connect Backup 500 GB

27 ,00 + VAT /month

Veeam Cloud Connect Backup 1000 GB

40 ,00 + VAT /month

Veeam Cloud Connect Backup 2000 GB

56 ,00 + VAT /month

Veeam Cloud Connect Backup 3000 GB

70 ,00 + VAT /month

Veeam Cloud Connect Backup 5000 GB

111 ,00 + VAT /month

Veeam Cloud Connect Backup 10.000 GB

191 ,00 + VAT /month

Veeam Cloud Connect Backup 20.000 GB

300 ,00 + VAT /month

Additional licenses for Cloud Connect

If your Veeam license is of the Agent type or Backup & Replication type (the two monthly renewal plans) you can associate a Cloud Connect storage with it without any problem. You will only pay the cost of the memory package you choose, as shown in the table above.
However, if you have a Veeam Perpetual (perpetual) or Subscription (annual) license, you must combine it with an additional license to be able to use the Veeam Cloud Connect Backup service. This is because data encryption and decoding activities, necessary to ensure its security when uploaded online, are not included in the aforementioned plans.
There are two additional licenses, depending on whether you want to duplicate individual virtual machines or entire servers.

Cloud Backup License for VM

Starting at
5 ,45
+ VAT /month

Cloud Backup License for Server

Starting at
7 ,63
+ VAT /month
Additional Services

Veeam BaaS Managed

The Managed functionality is the most effective solution to ensure the smooth running of the core Veeam BaaS service.
Thanks to the external monitoring point, if an anomaly is detected such as running out of storage space, failed backup or blocking of the backup software, an error report will automatically open which will be immediately taken care of by one of our specialized operators.
The proactive technical intervention aims to promptly restore the correct functioning of the service and is carried out during the scheduled assistance hours.

Backup as a Service Managed

9 ,99
+ VAT /month

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What services can you use Veeam BaaS with?

Cloud VPS

Private Cloud

Dedicated Servers

Cloud Service Provider VCSP

Thanks to the Service Provider partnership with Veeam, we offer highly efficient managed backup solutions, designed for even the most complex and demanding IT infrastructures. Veeam Partnership Shellrent.

Cloud Service Provider VCSP

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