How do we manage the security of your hosting services?
Here are our strengths.

The security of your site and your data is of primary importance to us. Weekly backup, continuous updating of our infrastructure and constant technical support are our strong points.
That’s why we are “ The first Italian hosting Security First “.

Maximum security for your Hosting

All of our Web Hosting plans include the weekly backup and every server, Linux and Windows, is saved daily: the aim is to protect your data and guarantee you the maximum possible security.
The contents in our spaces are analyzed by internal crawlers who report any malicious files directly to the domain owner to resolve the situation.
Even in the case of sql injection the system it intervenes automatically blocking malicious queries and protecting data.
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Firewall and SBL

Web servers are updated with filters IP firewall every 48 hours to protect your application, such as WordPress or Joomla, from external attacks and to prevent unauthorized access to your platforms.
Furthermore, anyone who tries to log in multiple times with incorrect passwords is temporarily blocked by both the e-mail system and the web system.
Even the DNS system it is redundant in three different points of the world in order to foresee technical faults and routing problems.

Automatic Antivirus Scan

Linux Hosting services are protected by a virus scan that is automatically performed on every single web space. Our antivirus is updated daily with the latest definitions available.
In case of infected files you will be notified by e-mail to proceed with the removal.

Web Application Firewall: Mod_security

Mod_security is a module for both Apace and NginX, used to detect and avoid attacks against web applications. Filtering only affects requests at the http level, to check that they respond to custom rules, defined to prevent and block attacks. If the verification is positive, the HTTP request is transferred to the website content, if it is negative, the predefined actions are performed.
To know how to activate it from Control Panel Manager follow the appropriate guide.

Security in e-mail

Our e-mail system guarantees you quality of service and safety.
Each car has gods paired MX servers , which are located on different datacenters, so as not to lose even a communication if the Internet network suffers slowdowns or packet routing inconveniences.
All SMTP gateways used are checked daily by our staff who make sure they are not listed in DNSBLs around the world.

Password Generator

A secure password is of fundamental importance: use our generator to create one that is difficult to crack and avoid unwanted access.