EV (Extended validation)

SectigoSSL EV Multi-Domain: EV SSL Certificate

The SectigoSSL EV Multi-Domain Certificate provides the most complete and reliable validation process: in addition to the padlock, it guarantees the website the green bar, certifying the company name in the web address. Choose multi-domain to secure multiple websites with different domains. Offers a higher level of assurance.
  • Activation : with advanced identity checks and reissue included
  • Encryption : 2048 Bit
  • Installation : included
  • No. of subdomains : 1 (www.domain.com and domain.com)
  • Documentation to be sent : Yes
  • Additional SANs : Optional with 4 SANs included in addition to the main domain + € 145.00 + VAT
  • Coverage Guarantee : $ 1,750,000
  • Greenbar technology : Yes Green Bar Technology

SectigoSSL EV Multi-Domain

529 .00
+ VAT per year

Extended Validation

Features of Extended Validation SSL Certificates

Discover the advantages of activating an SSL Certificate with extended validation and choose the one that best suits your needs.

Full management of your SSL Certificate

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We will take care of setting up, installing the keys and managing your SSL Certificate to make sure your website is always safe.

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