SSL Managed:
rely on us for the complete management of the SSL certificate

Are you looking for maximum support in managing the SSL certificate? Choose SSL Managed: we will take care of the activation, installation and renewal of your SSL certificate. Pair SSL Managed when purchasing the SSL Certificate for a faster process or purchase the service later. Improve the security of your site by relying on us to manage your SSL certificate at every stage.
Applicable with:
DV (Domain validation) EV (Extended validation) OV (Organization validation)

SSL Managed

99 .00
+ VAT per year

We manage the SSL certificate at every stage: what we do for you

Service guarantee

What happens if the certificate is not installed correctly or the site is not secure even for one day? We offer you as a guarantee a refund of € 49 / day up to a maximum of 2 days.

The guarantee will not be disbursed in case of non-renewal within the foreseen times and terms (10 days before).

Don't you want thoughts? Activate automatic renewal

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