GDPR – General Data Protection Regulation

Compliance GDPR

Shellrent complies with all GDPR guidelines and is compliant with the regulation. You can view all the documentation regarding the processing of personal data in the Contracts section of our website.

We embrace the Shared Responsibility Model reported on the page: Accreditations and Technical Structure.
The Model clarifies up to where Shellrent itself is responsible and where the customer's responsibility begins, in relation to the service that the latter is using. The Model also clarifies the Data Processor and Data Controller figures involved in European regulation.
At any time, you can view where your data is located (present within the services), by accessing the Manager control panel, going to "Where is my data?" present in the service management menu.

The general regulation regarding data processing

Shellrent allows the user to know his privacy policy, in order that he can understand, with the utmost transparency, how his personal information is managed as long as he uses the Service.
The information specifies how we process personal data pursuant to art. 13 of EU Regulation 2016/679: according to the rules of the same, the processing of data will follow the principles of lawfulness, correctness and transparency, purpose limitation and retention, data minimization, accuracy, integrity and confidentiality of the same.


The processing of personal data means any operation or set of operations, carried out with or without the aid of automated processes and applied to personal data or sets of them.
Common operations can be:

Collection of personal data
User registration
Organization registration
Service structuring
Data retention
Sending communications

Data processors and contracting parties

Shellrent, with registered office in Via dell'Edilizia 16, 36100 Vicenza, will be Data Processor personal data provided or collected in relation to our Services.
As a user of our Services, the collection, use and possible sharing of personal data are subject to this Privacy Policy (which includes other documents referred to herein) and related updates ( see section Contracts).

Shellrent and security

Shellrent constantly and actively monitors security breaches, with the primary aim of preventing them. Each user is encouraged to use the security features available in our Services.
Safety is the core of our goals. The commitment is constant to guarantee the protection of the data of users and anyone who uses the Services, by monitoring and periodically updating our infrastructure.
However, we cannot guarantee the security of all information communicated to us. There is no guarantee that they are inaccessible, nor that they cannot be revealed, altered or destroyed as a result of the violation of one of our protections, whether of a physical, technical or managerial nature.
The shared Responsibility Model helps to identify the areas in which Shellrent operates and facilitates the customer in the use of its Services, clarifying our and the user's responsibilities. The latter, in fact, assumes full responsibility and management of its applications with regard to the "Hosting" Services, while, assumes full responsibility and management of the operating system (including updates and security patches), as well as of its applications used and installed, in the case of Cloud or Dedicated Services.
It is essential that the customer carefully evaluates the most suitable Service for their business, as responsibilities vary according to the same.

Sharing of information

If required by the authorities, in application of the law, or in order to protect our or third party rights or safety, we may be required to share any personal data. Specifically, in the face of a court appearance warrant, in legal proceedings, or, if Shellrent believes, in good faith, that such disclosure was necessary for the purposes of investigation, prevention or prosecution, in relation to illegal activities , actual or suspected, or to assist the judicial authority, it could execute the contracts stipulated between itself and the customers, with the aim of facilitating investigations and defending itself, in relation to any claim or accusation by third parties, of protect the security or integrity of the Service provided (for example through sharing with other companies that face similar threats), or to exercise or protect the rights and safety of the Company, our customers, employees or third parties.
Shellrent expresses its utmost commitment to inform its customers about legal requests for disclosure of their personal data, when it deems it appropriate, unless prohibited by law, by a judgment, or when the request must be considered an emergency. Shellrent may contest such requests at its discretion if these requests are excessive, vague and lacking the necessary authority.
pay attention to the most suitable Service for your business, as responsibilities vary according to it.

Data retention

Shellrent will collect, process and share the personal data of its customers and users, based solely on a legal basis. At any time it will be possible for the user to withdraw the consent provided through their profile settings on the Manager Control Panel.

The legal bases include consent (where it was expressed), the contract (where the processing of data is necessary for the execution of a contract, designed to allow the use of the Service) and "legitimate interests".

When the processing of personal data is subject to consent, the customer has the right not to consent or withdraw the same at any time. When the processing of personal data is subject to legitimate interests, the customer has the right to object. If the customer has questions about the legal basis regarding the collection and use of personal data, he can open a support ticket (on the Manager control panel) or, if this is not possible, contact our Data Protection Officer.

Security and Investigations

Shellrent uses the data for security purposes, fraud prevention and investigation.
We use the data if strictly necessary, for security purposes or to investigate possible fraud, violations of our license agreement, the Privacy Policy and / or attempts to harm our users and visitors.

Cookies, web beacons and other similar technologies

As described in more detail in our Cookie Policy, we collect and use cookies and similar technologies (eg web beacons, pixels, ad tags and device identifiers) to recognize the user or the devices used. It is possible to control cookies through the settings of any browser, or through other tools. It is also possible to refuse our use of the aforementioned cookies and similar technologies, designed to control user behavior on the website of others for third party advertising.

Continuous improvement

Our aim is to constantly improve our Services. In the pursuit of this purpose, we may obtain new data or we may create new methods of use.
Our Services are dynamic, we often introduce new functions, which may require the collection of new data and information, substantially different. In the event that this should happen, or that there should be significant changes to the methods of use of the data, we will inform the user by email. Finally, we may modify this Privacy Policy, which will be followed by a related communication to customers.

Responsible for data processing: Shellrent

Shellrent becomes Data Processor whenever it determines the purposes of "its" data processing, such as during: registration on the Manager platform, issuing of tax documents, improvement of services offered, sale of services, management of procedures and business practices. More generally, whenever the general data of collaborators or customers are processed.
The data that is saved in the Shellrent hosting platform is not involved in this process.

What is described on this page is purely for information purposes, therefore it has no contractual value.
For information on this, go to the Contracts page