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Backup First Save: create your backups whenever you want

Have you spent many hours of work on your site and want to secure what you have done? Create your Backup First Save and you will have no more worries! Get the certainty of being able to restore your data at any time, after any compromise of these, or following incorrect changes. Create your First Save Backups as many times as you want!

Backup First Save (Web and Database)

8 ,99
+ VAT /year

Immediate backup

Create your First Save Backup at any time, in a few simple clicks, thanks to the Manager control panel. The Backup will be immediately available for you to restore.

Secure backup

The backup of your web space and your databases is performed in a separate server infrastructure, in order to ensure maximum security for your data and ready availability.

Fast recovery

Restore your Backup in a few clicks, thanks to the immediacy of the Manager Panel it will only take a few minutes.

Recover your data whenever you want

Backup First Save is ideal both if you make numerous changes to your website and need to perform a backup at any time, or if you rarely update your application and want to keep the status over time.
Protect your files and databases with Backup First Save.

How does it work

Backup First Save is an additional service available on all Linux Hosting.
Activate it whenever you want and manage your backups in a simple and intuitive way from the Manager Panel.
You can safely replace your created First Save Backup with a newer one.

Data Retention

The "retention" parameter indicates the backup retention time, during which you can request its restoration. Backup First Save will always be at your disposal, it is not subject to expiration.

Zero thoughts

Work in peace, knowing that you always have a copy of your data of a specific moment available: we guarantee their availability, as if they were saved on your computer, thanks to an immediate backup restore.

Customized restoration

Do you need to restore only specific files? We'll take care of it: request our assistance via ticket. For information and quotes, see the page dedicated to Technical Assistance.