Electronic invoicing for your company, with an easy and complete software

Create, send, receive electronic invoices in accordance with the law, simply, quickly and securely with the software dedicated to Electronic Invoicing for your business.

Electronic Invoice

Manage unlimited electronic documents in accordance with the law, using the Electronic Invoicing software

As of January 1, 2019, electronic invoicing has become mandatory for everyone.
Our software allows you to manage it securely and completely and it's free for the first year

Create your XML invoices with the dedicated panel

Use the Electronic Invoicing platform to create XML documents following the required legal specifications

Manage the sending of your electronic tax documents

Manage your electronic invoices, upload them and send them to the Exchange System of the Revenue Agency

Monitor, view and download issued and received documents

Monitor the status of the documents issued and received at any time, view and download them according to your needs

Check the entire billing process

Independently check all the phases of the electronic invoicing process in a simple and intuitive way, from a single control panel.


Create your documents in XML format, compliant with legal specifications


Upload with electronic signature all documents with a single upload


Send electronic documents directly to the SdI of the Revenue Agency

to receive

Receive all invoices registered to you in the dedicated panel


Monitor the status of documents or allow access to other users

Log in you and your accountant too!

Additional Utilities

Grant access to the management of Electronic Invoices only to users assigned to specific functions:

  • Administrative employees of the client's company
  • Business consultant

Specific permissions

Define specific permissions for enabled users:

  • Read only (download) of sent / received documents
  • Ability to upload new XML (invoices to be sent)
  • Ability to create new invoices (new XML to send)

Electronic invoice for your company

Fully manage your company's accounting.
Send your electronic documents to the Revenue Agency's Exchange System with complete and intuitive software.

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€ 49.99 + VAT from the second year

Find out which features are included in Electronic Invoice

Guided creation of electronic invoices
Single or bulk XML loading
Massive export of data in zip format
Automatic sending of the invoice to the SDI
Receipt of invoices from the SDI
Adding and removing customer records
Digital signature for manual validation
Special VAT schemes
VAT due (immediate, deferred, split payment)
Personalized tax regimes
Social security fund management
Withholding Tax
ENASARCO management
Discounts or surcharges
DDT management
Purchase orders
Linked invoices
Third intermediary
Unlimited storage space
Users with special privileges

Manage the Electronic Invoice service via API

Find out how to implement and use APIs in the management of purchase invoices

Electronic Invoice

Frequent questions

How can I install the desired CMS?

To perform the quick installation of a CMS, you need to log in to the Manager panel and to the reference Web Hosting. From the left side menu, just click on "CMS installation", select the desired option and enter the required data.

I already have a domain with another provider: can I transfer it?

Of course, you can independently transfer your domain or contact us for information. Indeed, not all extensions are the same and therefore do not follow the same rules and transfer times.

Can I upgrade to a more powerful Hosting plan later?

All Hosting plans are scalable: it is therefore possible to upgrade or downgrade the service according to your needs at any time.

Where can I manage all the purchased services?

With Shellrent you have the possibility to manage all services through a single interface, the Manager control panel. Once logged in, you will be able to open assistance tickets in total autonomy, purchase and renew services, manage DNS records and domain name servers, view the FTP data of your Hosting space and manage the mail quotas of your mailboxes e-mail.

SdI-Hub as a Service

You can have access to the API of a Hub to be able to send and receive invoices with the ES.

XML format
P7M format