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Daily Hosting Backup (Web and Database): keep your data safe every day

Do you often modify your website by inserting articles on your blog or products on your e-commerce? Do you need to update the CMS and don't want to risk losing days of work?
Thanks to the Daily Backup you can always restore the data of your site, web files and database, of the previous day, thus returning immediately operational.

Daily Backup (Web and Database)

11 ,99
+ VAT /year


Once purchased, the backup will be made every day, from 00:45 , and will be kept for 24 hours so you can restore it for the next day.


The backup is performed on a separate server, to ensure data availability at all times. All your files and databases will be secured.

Immediate recovery

Restoring the backup is easy, since you will start it, from the Manager Panel, directly from the section dedicated to backups of the Web Hosting.

Retrieve the data from the previous day

The Daily Backup service is applicable to any Web hosting plan and allows you to have a constantly updated backup, day by day, complete with all your files and all the MySQL databases associated with your website. This backup will be stored outside the hosting structure where your application resides in order to guarantee the best possible security.

Data Retention

The " retention " parameter indicates the backup retention time, during which you can request its restoration. Thanks to the activation of the Daily Backup you will be able to obtain up to one week of data availability, plus the 24 hours prior to the day of request.

Do you still have any doubts?

To request a restoration of the image of your server, you can contact our Technical Support directly or obtain more information by consulting the features of our assistance.

Customized restoration

It is possible to extract only specific data from the backup on request via ticket. See the Technical Assistance page for more details on costs.


How does it work?

The backup copy, once created, is moved elsewhere for added security and kept for 24 hours, only to be overwritten the following day. This additional service will allow you to have not only a Weekly Backup already included in all Web Hosting plans, but also a further backup dating back to the day before.