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Dedicated geolocated IP address

Is your website running on a shared hosting service but do you want more autonomy? A dedicated IP offers a unique IPv4 address associated with your website to be protected from any spam within the server where your site is hosted. With the dedicated IP, your site will always be operational even in the event of a server IP blacklist.

Dedicated IP

49 ,99
+ VAT /year

What are the benefits of a dedicated IP?


More SEO authority on search engines


Access your site using the IP address at any time


Protection from spam sites that could blacklist the shared IP

Greater SEO visibility and security with dedicated IP

Direct access to your site, better web reputation and spam protection: the advantages of dedicated IP.

Constant accessibility

With the dedicated IP, you can always view your site directly even when you update the DNS, preventing your site from being inaccessible for 24-48 hours while waiting for the records to propagate. Just type the dedicated IP address into the browser.

Advantages from an SEO perspective

And the advantages from an SEO perspective? The dedicated IP helps you to improve the web reputation and the authority of your site on search engines.
Associate the dedicated IP with your Linux Hosting plan to protect the main domain and all third levels.

What are the advantages of a geolocated IP?

Dedicated IP address

IP geolocated in Italy

Better user experience and speed

SEO targeted based on the country of localization