Additional Services

Mail Protection: increase the delivery rating of your emails and improve the reputation of your domain.

Choose the Mail Protection service to increase the quality of the delivery rating of the e-mails sent from your account and your domain will acquire greater authority. Thanks to the e-mail authentication protocols your communications will be more effective and will be evaluated as “best” by the anti-spam filters.

Mail Protection

14 ,99
+ VAT /year

More reliable delivery

Increase in delivery rating

Less spam risk

What does the Mail Protection service consist of?

By activating Mail Protection, through a specific and customized configuration on the domain name, the recipient's server can safely verify the authenticity of the sender and the legitimacy of the communication, not marking it as spam. It is very useful in the event that restrictive security rules are applied to the receiving servers, so it is essential to always be updated and compliant with the required requirements.

Immediate activation

Buy it as an additional service to be combined with your Web hosting plan or domain, already active!

Hard to believe? Check the result!

Check the rating of your email address before and after activating the Mail Protection, if the total score is less than 10/10 then we recommend activating the Mail Protection!