Additional Services

Additional mail space:
Expand your inbox up to 15GB!

With this service you will have additional gigabytes to distribute on all mailboxes of your domain. It is the ideal solution for storing and archiving a large number of emails.

Additional mail space: + 6GB

7 ,99
+ VAT /year

Additional mail space: + 15GB

14 ,99
+ VAT /year

Do you want more space in your email boxes? You choose how to distribute the additional GBs

Our packages of 6GB or 15GB of additional mail space are the perfect solution for those who need to archive a large number of emails.
It is not necessary to activate all GBs on a single mail account. You can decide, for example, to add 3 to one mailbox and the remaining 3 GB to the other mailboxes or to increase a single mailbox with the totality of GB.

The advantages of adding mail space to your Web Hosting

More space for your emails

Add as many packages as you want

Distribute the GBs of your choice

Ideal for opensource CMS


Starting at
22 ,99
+ VAT /year
  • Domain: 1 year included
  • Space and traffic: Unlimited
  • Email: 5 da 1 GB
  • Database: 1 MySql
  • PHP: 7.4
  • HTTP: 1.1
  • Backup: Weekly
  • File protection: included
  • Best CMS support: even
For your ASP .NET projects


Starting at
39 ,00
+ VAT /year
  • Space and traffic: SSD NVMe unlimited
  • Email: 5 and 1GB
  • Database: 1 MySQL
  • PHP: 7.4
  • ASP: ASP + Framework .NET
  • Backup: Weekly
  • Satisfied or your money back: 30 days

How to prevent emails from ending up in spam?

The Mail Protection service is ideal for improving the delivery rating and reliability of your emails.

  • More reliable delivery
  • Increase in delivery rating
  • Less spam risk