Run as many dockers as you want in an instant

Build, test, and deploy applications with blazing speed

Deploy di container Docker con Portainer

Using Docker and managing many applications with ease is essential: using the Docker template available in the Cloud or Private Cloud Servers, you can quickly deploy any image, creating a test or production environment in a few seconds immediately ready for use. Thanks to the integration with Portainer, it is even easier to manage containers graphically.


Thanks to Docker it is possible to distribute software on any Cloud Server or Private Cloud in a few moments by choosing from a catalog with more than 2,000,000 images available for use.


Each environment can be replicated with the same configuration characteristics so as to make the identification of problems or the tuning of resources simple and immediate. Move your container between the service of your choice in seconds.


It is not important what the underlying hardware is, in fact each Docker cotainer is already optimized to run on any platform, each Server is scalable in a few moments and adapts to the application load without generating downtime.

Why use Docker

Docker allows you to make optimal use of the resources at your disposal, distributing code more quickly, standardizing the operation of applications and transferring resources in an optimized way.

Efficient software deployment

Applications all the same

Optimized migrations

Immediate execution


Available on operating systems: Debian, Centos, and Ubuntu.

Docker pre installed

Application packaging

LDAP support

Portariner GUI interface

Integration with Docker Hub

Aggregation of swarm clusters

Which Cloud Server is suitable for my project?

Based on your needs, we recommend the most suitable Cloud Server, to match the Docker template already included in the monthly cost!

STD Starter
vCPU: 1 core
HD: 20 GB
5 ,70 + VAT /month
STD Basic
vCPU: 2 core
HD: 40 GB
15 ,40 + VAT /month

You can also install docker on our Private Clouds

Discover the most used Docks

Oracle Instant Client Docker Certified
Oracle Instant Client
MySQL Server Enterprise Edition Docker Certified
MySQL Server Enterprise Edition
Gitlab CE
Gitlab CE
Scality S3
Scality S3
Oracle Java 8 SE Docker Certified
Oracle Java 8 SE
Oracle WebLogic Server Docker Certified
Oracle WebLogic Server
IBM Security Access Manager Docker Certified
IBM Security Access Manager

Additional services

Improve the performance of your application thanks to the additional services to be combined with your Server.
Choose the most suitable for your needs!